How To Use an Automatic Buttonhole Foot

How To Use an Automatic Buttonhole Foot

Are you using the sewing needle holders. Let’s Learn To Sew. I’m going to show you how to use the one-step buttonhole foot on a Brother Cs 6000i. It is an electronic machine and the process is going to be the same on most machines that have a one-step buttonhole foot. A one-step buttonhole foot works by opening this back section here. You have this lever that slides. You’re going to open it up, take the button that you are going to be sewing onto your final project, put it in the back and close it shut. You just close it by pushing down on it. So, this lever opens it and then you push it to close it. this is what’s going to tell the machine how big to make the buttonhole. This area here you’ll see a metal bar, that is what we are going to attach to the sewing machine.

This machine comes with several different buttonholes and the way you program them in is this first button goes up by tens and the second one goes up by ones. So, what I am going to do is choose a simple regular buttonhole which is number 30. Now the machine is set and it knows that I am using the buttonhole feature. The next thing to do is change out the foot. The first thing we have to do is raise the presser foot if it is down, there is a lever in the back that we raise up and when we raise it up or push it in the foot will drop off. Let’s go ahead and remove the all-purpose presser foot. Push that lever in, the foot drops off and we can remove it.

To put the buttonhole foot on we’re going to line up this bar with the section underneath and you’ll notice there is an opening and that is where this attaches. I’m going to lower the presser foot once I have those lined up and it will automatically grab it. Raise up the lever and I can see that foot is on and it’s not coming off. Once you have your foot on the next thing to do is to pull down this lever in the back and it lets the machine know you are doing a buttonhole. You want to pull it all the way down and you want to be behind the lever on the buttonhole foot. We’re going to go ahead and get it from another angle so that you can see it better. Now we are at a side view of the machine. Here is your buttonhole foot, here is the lever, we’re going to pull it down and we want to make sure that we put it behind this guide that sticks up from the buttonhole foot.

We have our machine set for the buttonhole stitch, we have our buttonhole foot on the machine, and we have the lever engaged for the one step buttonhole. Now we’re going to take our fabric, and I like to put some tear away stabilizer behind the area where the buttonhole is going to stitch out. It gives you a neater, cleaner finished buttonhole. Raise the foot, and slide the fabric underneath. The buttonhole foot stitches backward so I place it where I want the buttonhole to start. Reach in and lower the presser foot and start stitching. You don’t have to backstitch with the button hole stitch. The machine will automatically do everything it needs to do, that’s why it’s called a one-step buttonhole. You do want to continue pressing the pedal until the needle stops on its own. That’s when you know that the buttonhole is fully formed. Go ahead and turn your hand wheel that raises the needle out of the way.

Lift up your take-up lever. You’ll notice that the foot pushed itself back.That means that it is already set to do the next buttonhole if we were making several in a row. Pull your fabric out and clip your threads. We have our finished buttonhole. I went ahead and opened it with my seam ripper and as you can see it is a perfect fit. The button slides right in.


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