How To Change A Needle On A Brother Sewing Machine

How To Change A Needle On A Brother Sewing Machine

People often ask how to sew with a brother sewing machine. Was good If you can watch me I know what I’m going to say did she do another back but another video I’m song. I’ve been gone So long, it’s Vera, huh. I want to give him right into the video because I don’t hold you guys up this video is basically about me changing my needle and my Brother machine Brother sewing machine two months back. I was making I didn’t know lovemaking at the time I was just making something out of nothing pretty much not had Sequins on the dress that I cut from that sequence So I might just put a clip in it cuz I did record a bit was too embarrassed to post because I was like dang I had not break my needles then I didn’t even think I had any needles which I was wrong because brother Dubrow they’re great This is always love it didn’t stand a chance Let’s get to the video So, yeah, like I said this video is about switching your needle The brother machine came with three extra needles so I didn’t have to go out and buy anything which is great So I’m just going to get right into the video and show you guys how to switch in my okay I already have one in here.

I already changed I’m just going to show you guys how to take it out and how to put it in the tools I’m going to use is basically one of my needles from here and this tool right here. They call it the oval screwdriver um I want to show you guys how to use it in just a sec and if you guys stick around I’ll tell you guys about my top if you guys have to select that. Um, I just is actually the better angle So we’re going to use our screwdriver our oval screwdriver that they gave us in the bag, right? We’re going to take it here and We’re going to go forward towards us, you know Righty tighty lefty loosey just enough so that the needle loosens up and falls out.

You don’t have to loosen the whole thing ready? See just look right out and I’ll be twisted in one time Now The needle is out Now let’s put it back in So the way you’re going to put it back in is you’re going to make sure That the needle if you see as I rotate it, it has a flat side You’re going to make sure the flat side is facing towards the back. Okay? So this left side you see right Perfect angle should be facing towards the back when you place it in and now you’re going to do just stick it up my own All the way up until it gets to the little stopper up there. It’s going to stop on its own hold it in place Take your over screwdriver Put it in and go away from you and make it tight righty tighty, right? If you’re wanting on tight to make it make it tight enough so won’t come and loose it needs to be snug, okay There we go.

And That’s how you change your needles or you change a broken needle or yeah, just that Okay, so as you can see this didn’t take no time at all I’m going to in this video. I just wanted to show you guys Um if you like my hair This is actually a lace front wig and I have a video just go to my channel click like and subscribe Please and look I’m basically showing you I throw it on in the morning It’s a quick process like less than 15 minutes. Really. All I use is got the glue But anyway, you can go and see that on there also Let me know what you guys want to see if you look at this top and you guys like this top.

I actually made it If you guys want to see more of the things I’m making everything, you know, um, let me know and I’ll post Oh, I’m making a teddy bear who would about your girl can make a Turner back I didn’t even know what kind of televised one turned out to be. I told my boyfriend there I was thinking about making it a Coolidge. I’m going to do like Madeline. I cook color. Uh Coco the Batman code blue jeans, so you’re going to have to do that I’m definitely under if y’all want to see more things like this.


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